Beach Ready With Laugoa


Pink Pepper is ready to hit the beach! Well, not quite yet, but we are ready with our new Laugoa straw totes which just arrived in-store and on our web store. Laugoa combines a chic, effort-free approach to carting your "must always have beside me" valuables.

About Laugoa::

Explore the pleasure of femininity and zealous fun through Laugoa bags. Their studio is located in the heart of Tokyo Harajuku fashion district, this makes for endless inspiration and a variety of subjects for the design team to create their distinct collections, which are as individual as the people who tote them. Blending their respect of natural fibers and admiration of wholesome beauty, Laugoa materials are carefully selected and completely handcrafted giving a truly one-of-kind uniqueness to every handbag. Laugoa successfully fuses originality, beauty and functionality to create bags that continue to be well received domestically and internationally.