Melissa Wedges In

One of our favorite shoes of the season is without a doubt the Melissa Patchuli Wedge 2

This shoe is hot, hot, hot! 

For those who don't know Melissa, out of Brazil, are completely comprised of rubber, besides its' satin insoles. This makes for fun days in the rain, sleet and snow (however in the Patchuli's case, we will just stick to sun and the occasional late afternoon thunderstorm.) Of course at first glance we see how stunning this shoes' silhouette is with defining style points added with the corresponding red back landing strip and under-sole.  However we take ultimate pleasure in all the Patchuli has to offer when trying it on, this shoe is the epitome of comfort. The insole gives a certain bounce to the step which is certainly helpful to those long days of summer sidewalk trekking the streets of NYC are all about.

The Melissa Patchuli 2 wedge is available in-store and online at Pink Pepper Boutique.